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In 2019, the Army will extend one-station unit trai World Water Day 2023: Accelerating Change, Army announces upcoming 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, unit rotation, Army announces upcoming 4th Infantry Division unit rotations, Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center Media Roundtable, October 27, 2022, Department of the Army updates Total Army COVID-19 vaccination statistics, Army announces upcoming 2nd SBCT, 2nd Infantry Division, unit rotation, Army announces upcoming 2nd ABCT, 1st Infantry Division, unit rotation, U.S. Army STAND-TO! Black Phase: We started out black phase with a 40 hour Combat Life Saver course where we were CLS certified. Drill sergeant: You're a tough guy, aren't you? Phase II (weeks 4 through 6 of basic training). The Army has a financial assistance program that can help as well. Phase V, plus (more than 9 weeks of AIT or more than 20 weeks of OSUT). Narrator: During combatives training, recruits warm up with a particularly painful-looking exercise referred to as the EO. Three of them had Ranger tabs, 3 were former recon guys, and finally the CO was tabbed as well. FORT BENNING, Ga. The Army has permanently broadened one-station unit training for infantry Soldiers from 14 to 22 weeks, with more combat arms career fields expected to follow the This is where they learn to treat injuries that are prevalently found during war time and wraps up into an Individual Skills Validation. Thoughts and observations after its all said and done. This demands that all soldiers in IET, regardless of rank, strictly adhere to the standards of excellence and commitment. When we got back, the drills started us off from . The answer to this may seem simple, but it's not. Hey. To meet that goal, six modernization priorities, one of which is Soldier lethality, were developed by Army leaders to prepare Soldiers against near-peer competitors. During these final weeks the future Cavalry Scouts are trained by Instructors as well as their . %%EOF Why do I have to do this? In any case, Trainee cell phone use will be under the close supervision of Cadre. IET soldiers also receive reinforcement training on values and an introduction to the history, heritage, and traditions of their specialty branch. Can I send newspaper clippings, pictures or a card that plays music to my Soldier, or just standard letters? Rod Powers was a retired Air Force First Sergeant with 22 years of active duty service. If your Soldier didn't tell you to do this you don't have to put any special marking on the mail. The first two days were spent going over battle drills and deliberate Platoon and Squad ambushes. The first three phases of IET are associated with basic training and the basic training portion of OSUT. "With more time to train on critical infantry tasks, we'll achieve greater lethality. endstream endobj startxref Kelly Craig Lord: That dynamic changes because we want the soldiers to become more critical thinkers. It does not signify the end or completion of the soldierization process. And their conversations with their drill sergeants are conducted at normal volumes. During the new course, Soldiers assigned to a Stryker or Bradley unit will learn how to drive and perform maintenance on their assigned vehicle. The second phase, roughly 7 weeks long, focuses on becoming a Scout for a total of 16 weeks. Ricci: It's really just a little shock to the system so we can break them down to build them back up.Drill sergeant: Answer me! This credit should be selectively used and only in those cases where there is a clear demonstration that the soldier meets and exceeds the IET graduation standards. What can I do to assist my Soldier during BCT or OSUT? Under the new OSUT program, Soldiers will get more training with their M4 rifle and increased hands-on experience with the M240 machine gun and the M249 squad automatic weapon. Below are the training/restriction requirements for U.S. Army personnel undergoing Initial Entry Training (IET) as required by TRADOC Reg 350-6. To meet modernization goals, the Army is set to invest in roughly 20,500 infantrymen annually, with one-time bonuses available to qualified new recruits and Soldiers reclassifying. IET soldiers are prohibited from using tobacco products. Infantry and Armor OSUT lasts from 20 to 22 weeks depending on your soldier's MOS. This constructive credit authority is applicable to all IET graduation requirements. Our Drills took extra time on CQ to draw out the battle drills to ensure that everyone knew what they were supposed to do. Since the Cadre were there just for that training, they usually ran it pretty efficiently. The increased training isn't meant to focus on innovations, said Col. Dave Voorhies, 198th Infantry Brigade commander, last year in a news release. HtT]o6k}&AIEQNadhi[$~AkA^sf%posV,LRE@%Jw/*79%3MXFA+#OO\n&738(|C_ 1, %PDF-1.6 % We had a week of Advanced Fire Team Tactics where we conducted team dry/blank/live fire during the day. The U.S. Army is currently testing and considering extending training to a 22-week OSUT course. Edit: I forgot to mention that we got Level 1 combatives certified. Anybody who's done the new osut as a reclass any Info would be mucho appreciated. Drill sergeant: You can't pick that bag up? Do you have any photos of my Soldier? Jason Semple, a 198th Infantry Brigade drill sergeant. If they remain in basic training they will join another unit at the point where they left off with their original unit. Friends and family gather to watch their soldiers graduate on Inouye Field. I went through basic training XX years/months ago, can I still order a yearbook? The familiar 14-week training model dates to 1978 and remained relatively unchanged for over four decades. IET soldiers will wear the proper military uniform while on pass (includes off-post passes). You will get kicked out of the military, and then you'll probably have to file as a registered sex offender. The goals for IET soldiers in Phase II include, but are not limited to: Phase III is designated as the "Warrior" Phase (Blue Flag). This does not apply to Soldiers taking leave or participating in the Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program. We spent a whole week practicing team and squad tactics in Urban operations and briefly touching on Platoon sized tactics in relation to urban assaults. That improves the mental and physical toughness of Soldiers coming through the Infantry OSUT.". Basic Combat Training for all Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) in the Army lasts 10 weeks. Can I go? The Army, however, has no plans to get rid of its tanks. The average length of time between home and being assigned to a basic training unit is 7-14 days. This is done to make the sorting of mail easier. Phase I (weeks 1 through 3 of basic training). They are also prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages and using tobacco products. "Infantry was further ahead in planning, so the decision was made to start the [infantry] OSUT earlier and use the lessons learned to help shape the other branch OSUT increases to the 22-week model.". There was a significant amount of downtime especially when the Company was doing the same thing at the same time. "We've got an evaluation plan to try and look at ourselves and see if the product coming out has an improved proficiency -- like we think it will.". Graduated 22 week Infantry OSUT. Phase IV begins at the start of the first week of AIT, or the tenth week of OSUT. Recruits just add water, shake it up, and enjoy. So, we don't want them frightened; we want them to be comfortable and in a state of mind that is receptive to learning and performing at that level. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey. Movement from each phase is viewed as a "gate" or "passage" for each soldier. Hello r/army, I arrived at Ft. Benning on July 2, and here we are 22ish weeks later after completing the first cycle of the new Infantry OSUT. Soldiers continue to develop professionally throughout their military careers, both in and out of the institutional training base. Some new soldiers, who may get a chance to train on that SEPv3, are the more than three dozen Marine Corps reservists who enlisted in the Idaho Army National Guard in September. With our first major change to Infantry training in 40 years, he said, we are investing in future Army readiness, which will ensure we are prepared to deploy, fight and win our Nation's wars when called upon to do so. Helicopters crashed in mountains, fair weather, Army says, Army Special Ops Command welcomes first female command sergeant major, Army identifies 3 soldiers killed in Alaska helicopter crash, Army grounds helicopter fleet for force-wide safety stand down. Soldiers may have as many guests (family and friends) as they want to attend these events. However, for many of the recruits it's about the experience. Also, there was a staff of contractors to help facilitate training. For active duty, that means direct flight to their next duty station and NOT transportation for leave (vacation) or hometown recruiting. These repetitions, while monotonous, helped solidify muscle memory down the line. Where will my new Soldier be stationed after training? The times for these ceremonies will vary by unit. Narrator: This group of infantry recruits was exposed to CS gas, or tear gas, in week one of their training. IET soldiers are prohibited from using tobacco products or driving POVs. A period of total control (e.g., continuous cadre supervision, soldiers restricted to company area, limited free time) will be enforced during phase I of IET. Fortunately, resources and facilities are available at Fort Benning to support the new program, Hedrick said. It's important for the future soldiers' muscle memory, because they are working as a team with minimal communication, and they have to understand how that coordination works together. If you are unclear YOUR Soldier is the best source for this information. Our platoons hit their stride around week 16 where permanent leadership was established and we made squads and fire teams that were familiar with each others style of command. Drill sergeant: This way! . ", Changes to the program create an extended and more gradual training process to help decrease injuries caused by lack of nutrition or poor conditioning, Hedrick said, "We've developed a set of metrics, with the U.S. Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Science Solutions to try and evaluate how the Soldiers are doing during the 22-week pilot program versus the 14-week program," Hedrick said. Your Soldier will be assigned to the company he will train with after a week or so of in-processing at the reception battalion. Narrator: We found this group of infantry soldiers in week 11 of their training practicing on the firing range. Not all units have the time and resources to manage independent websites and pages. Your last four of your social. Within their roles, Soldiers experience leadership tasks through various exercises, such as door breaching. You treat everybody with dignity and respect, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and all other protected categories. Drill sergeant: Grab one and go, it's all the same. IET soldiers must remain within a 50-mile radius of the post, and all passes must end NLT 2200 hours. Tankers more than doubled their drive time, from 10 to 15 miles under the old training, to 35 miles of live vehicle driving and 50 miles of driving in a simulator. It may or may not be equal to what they actually paid for their travel. . My Soldier is in basic training, can I send him care packages and if so, what can I send? No. (2018, December 7). Army OSUT. 64 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6C44AB466438F84AA969A81E418C7DDE><7118BFC00894AA4CAA4766F7B707DDB7>]/Index[47 27]/Info 46 0 R/Length 82/Prev 39331/Root 48 0 R/Size 74/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream We had about 40 18x-rays, 50ish Opt 40s, 40 Airborne guys, and the rest were line infantry. Yes. Also, on some of the training, like machine gun week, we would have a host of cadre that would facilitate training instead of the Drills. Edit 2: Heres some more stuff I forgot. Reinforcement at the unit level and in the non-commissioned officer education system (NCOES) are essential aspects of the Army's soldierization program. IET soldiers are prohibited from driving POVs. The installation commander as part of the phased training program will determine actual phase lengths. In OSUT courses, Phases III and IV may be combined. Shut the h--- up! Due to the sensitive nature of financial information, it is advised that Soldiers takes care of pay issues rather than spouses or parents. What happens if my Soldier fails a portion of BCT/OSUT? Narrator: After 22 weeks of training, these infantrymen are ready to leave Fort Benning. Drill sergeant: We will produce the best soldiers in the United States Army. The most common reason your Soldier may not be receiving your letters is because he's only been in the system for a couple of weeks. Infantry and Armor OSUT lasts from 20 to 22 weeks depending on your soldier's MOS. This exercise is designed to reinforce the basic combat skills learned in basic training and how they apply to the soldier in the execution of their MOS duties in a tactical field environment. It is difficult to definitively say when your Soldier will graduate that far in advance. Possibly. Do you understand? Recruits: Yes, drill sergeant! Graduation from OSUT/AIT signifies successful completion of the first five phases of the soldierization process. My Fianc's/boyfriend's family is not able to attend the family day or graduation ceremony. Teddy Wade/OCSA/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain, General Restrictions During Army Initial Entry Training, Phased Training In Basic Training, AIT and OSUT, Air Force Technical School Training Restrictions, Things You Should Know About Army Basic Training, A Look at What One Can, and Cannot, Do in Air Force Tech School. If it is truly an emergency a Red Cross message can be sent to the Soldier. These requirements include but are not limited to: These requirements are set forth in order to produce the high-quality soldier demanded in today's Army. Is there a limit on the number of people who can attend a family day or graduation ceremony? To make up for that time, the platoons that weren't doing ATT worked on moving tactically and conducting battle drills from ORPs and setting into patrol bases at night. Drill sergeant: Let's go. Narrator: Recruits get one of the most painful parts of training out of the way early. If a Soldier's plans fall through, they can still receive government transportation to their next duty station up until graduation day. Red Cross emergency communications services keep military personnel in touch with their families following the death or serious illness of an immediate family member, the birth of a Soldier's child or grandchild or when a family faces other emergencies. If they think the Soldier can make it, they will allow him to stay in the company and let him retry the event he failed with another company, not affecting his graduation. We were issued PEQ-15s in addition to our CCOs and we zeroed them under NODS. Depending on when you were at Fort Benning you will need to contact either Leonard Studios (706) 687-5509 or Basic Video Productions, (210) 695-4979. Soldiers are instructed to call the person listed as their next of kin within 24 hours of arriving at the 30th AG Reception Battalion. Tankers are now training on the M1A2 SEPv2 model of the Armys main battle tank. We saw different companies at various stages of training. Yes, just ask his family for the commander letter. Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT) combines Basic Combat Training (BCT) with Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in one location at Fort Benning. Black Phase: Weeks 10-12. Narrator: Up to 241 hours of infantry OSUT are devoted to marksmanship, where recruits fire about 2,500 rounds using the M4 carbine as well as the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, or SAW. Drill sergeant: Listen up! Thoughts and observations after its all said and done. Make no mistake about it: The journey you are embarking upon will not be easy, but you wouldn't be here if we didn't think you couldn't meet the challenge. Uniform for off-post passes is left to the Commander's discretion. This will depend upon your soldier's Infantry MOS and on the needs of the Army. Another possibility could be you addressed it incorrectly. ", The Army Vision, announced in 2018 by then-Secretary of the Army Mark Esper, a former infantry officer himself, was created to position the Army to be "ready to deploy, fight, and win decisively against any adversary, anytime and anywhere.". 19 weeks of dick in the dirt! He just said it! IET soldiers starting AIT will receive initial counseling upon arrival at the AIT unit. khL\[`56F D5qjQjVd$_egAcb(T$Q#";aZ;${)KLn And right now, they are getting their first taste of what that's like in an urban environment. We qualified on iron sights and then moved on to qualify on CCOs. Toward the end of training, usually about two weeks before graduation, Soldiers will decide if they need government transportation to their next duty station if they're active duty, or home if they are National Guard or Reserve. "If we do our jobs appropriately, if we professionally mold these young men and women into infantry Soldiers, they'll be able to out-PT their team leader, and out-shoot their squad leader," Voorhies said. Additionally, the Infantry School has been working with TRADOC to ensure they have enough drill sergeants in place to meet the 2019 launch date for the new 22-week OSUT. Narrator: Before training officially begins. Further, the change will include increased time in the field during both day and night operations and include an increased emphasis on drill and ceremony maneuvers. What is "OSUT"? Soldiers look forward to daily mail call. Rank(PVT, PV2, PFC, SPC) Last name, First name It is essential that the officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and Department of the Army (DA) civilians assigned the crucial responsibility of transforming America's sons and daughters into professional soldiers be motivated, disciplined, and competent professionals. Cell phone use prohibitions include but are not limited to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Commanders and PRT leaders should follow the toughening phase PRT schedule during the R/W/B phases of OSUT. Street address Depending the on the extent of their injuries, Soldiers who get injured during basic training are usually allowed to continue training as part of the rehabilitation battalion until either the injury is healed or they are medically discharged. My Soldier told me to put a colored dot, symbol or some other marking on the outside of his mail. Who here has actually been through the 22 week OSUT and knows what its like? Drill sergeant: In a little bit, we're gonna give you a period to go in a room by yourself. The longer training infantry pipeline -- kicked off as a pilot phase last year -- gives "a lot more trigger time" to Soldiers, Davis said, adding that additional weapons training lets privates shoot roughly 1,300 more rounds per Soldier, and hit their 10-level tasks more often. It is an environment of total control where an active, involved leadership begins transforming civilians into soldiers. Rolled out last year, OSUT's initial 22-week pilot phase was "the first step toward achieving the vision of the Army of 2028," said then-Sgt. What should I wear to my Soldier's graduation ceremony? h[O0$N,!4DxFK*1{|8u(,~.OA##"*!C1$HR(QG(efI"onY/5OO\KBZzc _4~.~PF3|"7gX2LEJfO:D *r]OTOb! The goal is to help trainees understand where they fall within a fire team or rifle squad and make them more proficient while operating in the field. Families are also allowed to purchase items at the National Infantry Museum gift shop. Once they're fortified, recruits return to their training. IET soldiers are prohibited from using tobacco products. Most of the stuff online Ive read about OSUT is from like 8 years ago when it was just 14 weeks and the little Ive found about new 22 week OSUT ranges from: It gets better after Week 10, you get weekend passes and lots of time to recover from ruck marches to Weekend passes?! If Soldiers are allowed to use them they will not have them at all times. Infantry One Station Unit Training Extension Pilot. "And they will also shoot more at night, rather than just doing a day familiarization fire.". Again, it was privates leading privates, but I truly think that it prepared a lot of us to be good team leaders right off the bat. Drill sergeant: You're gonna continue to fall in until we tell you to stop. The training cadre evaluates each soldier against the desired standards for each phase before advancing to the next phase. The following policy applies to all IET soldiers upon completion of the 9th week of AIT (or 20th week of OSUT): In addition to the attainment of published training objectives, every IET soldier is required to meet the qualification standards. We started at Uniform 35 doing day and night iterations in fire teams, then transitioned to Yankee North, the pre-rasp training course, to conduct day, night, and day-night transition courses with buddy teams and finally individually. May my Soldier attend college while in the Army? Under no circumstances will Trainees be permitted to use cell phones for purposes other than calling home while assigned to the 30th AG Battalion. Are walking blood banks coming to a field hospital near you? You should be able to fit a slice of pizza in between your toes. When we discuss the training phases below, Phases I through III are for basic training, and the first nine weeks of OSUT, which is the basic training portion of OSUT. Currently, the U.S. Army Armor School and U.S. Army Engineer School are performing internal analyses of their curricula to determine what resources will be needed to extend their own programs. My Soldier took his cell phone to basic training. Narrator: We found a company of recruits about to begin training in the armor school. For the 22-week program, the Infantry School is looking to augment OSUT companies with six additional Infantry instructors. But theyre more confident in a tank platoon.. Ricci: I have trainees that were not alive when 9/11 happened. Of course there was a suckfest day at the end of the week, a brief intermission for Thanksgiving, and then another suckfest ruck which lead into a final raid. Off-post day passes on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) may be authorized. What Does an Army Physician Assistant Do? and our By definition, soldierization is a tough, comprehensive process which totally immerses an IET soldier in a positive environment established by active, involved leadership.

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